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SNAFUD Podcast

SNAFUD is a podcast that focuses on the bizarre stories in true crime and true mystery that happen every day, past and present. These stories are so incredibly out there that they have to be fake, right? Well, so many of these stories are true, and Shannon and Corey are here to help explain the circumstances and bring everything to light.

Sep 20, 2019

Ever become so close to another person that you know what their thinking without it even being said? Well today we tell you how far that can go with the foile au deux afflicted Papin sisters and their bloody massacre

Sep 6, 2019

There are a lot of things to worry about during a hurricane...but are the people who are bunkering down with you one of them? How well do you know your guests? This week Shannon talks Florida serial killer Carl Charlie Brandt

Aug 30, 2019

This week Shannon tells you all the ways human beings have ruined the cleanest thing we have....soap. Listen to the tale of Soap Lady as well as the terrifying story of the Serial Killer Leonarda Cianciulli

Aug 23, 2019

This week Shannon flies solo and braves the Louisiana swamps to tell you the tale of Voodoo Queen Julia Brown and how she took a whole town out with her death

Aug 15, 2019

Jump back onto the cult crazy train as we finish up telling you about Sherry Shriner and her weapons the Orgon blaster. We also tell you about the unfortunate death of her follower Steve Mineo and how we think Sherry might be partially responsible.